Recipe: Luscious, Chocolatey Smoothie.

When luscious deep dark cacao Apothery meets a thick, creamy, sinfully chocolately smoothie, magic things happen. I’m telling you. This smoothie will make you forget about every single care in the world, and instantly transport you to your happy place.

Did I mention it’s also secretly packed with vegetables?

Yeah, it’s that magic.


Lucscious, Chocolatey Smoothie.

1 c deep dark cacao Apothery milk
2 scoops Nuzest chocolate protein powder (or other chocolate)
½ steamed, frozen cauliflower
½ steamed, frozen sweet potatoes
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp cinnamon
Dash of sea salt

How to do it:

Blend in Vitamix. Brace yourself to get chocolate wasted.

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