Things people ask me.

Tell me more about this magical HEMP OIL…

I have a full spectrum of "magical" cannabinoids, which are capable of interacting with receptors in our bodies endocannabinoid system. When these receptors “unite” with CBD, a magical sense of balance is regained, like when good friends help each other out.


Hmm, that sounds too good to be true.

I love to break it to’s not.

Is this stuff legal? 

The hemp oil comes from hemp plants, meaning you can purchase, and shamelessly enjoy, me here, there or anywhere (take that Green Eggs and Ham).


OMG will I feel high?

No! Hemp oil has no psychotropic properties. No psychotropic properties means no high, meaning I will just make you feel like the zen master you, not the fall-asleep-arm-deep-in-a-bag-of-chips-when-you-have-sh*t-to-do you. Win/win.


How to #treatyoself

Think about me as that glass of wine (or other recreational product of your choice) you have at the end of the day, but better (hangover & lost sanity not included). It's also a great substitute for that evening yoga class you missed...again.

OK, OK, I'll get more specific.

Walk in the door after "one of those days." Throw your bag down. Kick your shoes off. Grab me from your shelf. Squeeze preferred amount under your tongue. Wait 30-60 seconds before swallowing. Prepare for the "magic" to set in. Repeat.

Oh, and feel free to share an Instagram pic while you're at it.

how much to take

Every body is different. Every body is one of a kind. Your weight, your metabolism, hydration and many other factors will affect how you feel. If this is your first time using hemp oil, I recommend starting with 5mg daily (12 drops) and slowly increasing your dose until you find your inner zen.  

The information and product contained on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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