Things people ask me.


Tell me more about this magical HEMP OIL…

My hemp oil has a full spectrum of "magical" cannabinoids, which are responsible for making our product so good at awakening that inner zen master you probably lost touch with. While it comes from the same place as hemp seeds, hemp seeds (and their associated oil), contain very few of these magical compounds.


Hmm, that sounds too good to be true.

I love to break it to’s not.

Is this stuff legal? 

The hemp oil comes from hemp plants, meaning you can purchase, and shamelessly enjoy, me here, there or anywhere (take that Green Eggs and Ham). The supplier also happens to be the only one certified as a safe food ingredient by the FDA, so I really dotting my i-s and crossing my t-s. 


OMG will I feel high?

No! Hemp oil has no THC in it, meaning that it has no psychotropic properties. No psychotropic properties means no high, meaning I will just make you feel like the zen master you, not the fall-asleep-arm-deep-in-a-bag-of-chips-when-you-have-sh*t-to-do you. Win/win.


How to #treatyoself to your nut milk.

Think about me as that glass of wine (or other recreational product of your choice) you have at the end of the day, but better (hangover & lost sanity not included). It's also a great substitute for that evening yoga class you missed...again.

OK, OK, I'll get more specific.

Walk in the door after "one of those days." Throw your bag down. Kick your shoes off. Grab it from the fridge. Take 10 minutes of "you time" to unwind & savor the creamy lusciousness of the cashew milk. Prepare for the "magic" to set in. Repeat. 

Oh, and feel free to share an Instagram pic while you're at it. Hyyging is so hot right now. 



Pour me in a microwavable cup and heat me up! 


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